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Photo by Alessio Furlan



Nine stops of light reduction and water and oil-repellent coating for easy daily maintenance.

Professional Protect

The ultimate superior solution for protecting your lens with a unique anti-static coating.

Professional CPL

The ultimate professional circular polarizer with 90% of light transmission, multicoated glass with a unique anti static coating for superior protection.


Six stops of light reduction and water and oil-repellent coating for easy daily maintenance.

Advanced UV

The best filter for blocking UV light and reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting with 12 anti-reflection and water-repellent coating layers.

Advanced CPL

The advanced circular polarizer with 68.1% of light transmission and multi-coated glass resistant to scratch, oil and water.


Three stops of light reduction and water and oil-repellent coating for easy daily maintenance.

Essential UV

The ideal filter for blocking UV light and reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting with eight anti-reflection and water-repellent coating layers.

Essential CPL

The essential circular polarizer with two coating layers with water and oil-repellent features.

ND Filters

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light hitting the camera sensor without altering the color of the scene. They are used in a variety of situations, for example in low shutter speed photography for expressing the motion of moving object through long exposure time or to eliminate the moving object in a scene.

Create Misty Seascapes with a ND Filters

Create Serene Landscapes with ND Filters

Photo by Alessio Furlan

Circular Polarizer

Reduces Reflections

Increases Color Contrast

No Filter

With Filter

The ideal filter to reduce reflections that are often seen when photographing water, glass and similar reflective surfaces while always maintaining uniform light distribution. Simply by rotating the ring, reflections can be reduced.

The ideal filter to increase contrast and saturation. Simply by rotating the ring contrast is enhanced.


UV filters are the time-honored filters, they block UV light from entering the lens and therefore reducing blurring, haziness and blue casting. Simultaneously, they are highly useful tools to protect the lens against dust, moisture and can permanently remain on it without affecting the image.



Both UV and Protect filters can pemanently remain on camera lens without affecting the color of the pictures, they are designed with different types of coating layers for guaranteeing different levels of protection and easy daily maintenance.


Manfrotto has specifically selected the sizes to be included in the filter collection to ensure seven of the most popular sizes of lenses are catered for.

  • The Manfrotto Filters Collection.
  • All Manfrotto filters are water-repellent.
  • Manfrotto Advanced CPL, Professional and ND filters are also oil-repellent.
  • Manfrotto Professional filter have a unique anti-static coating.


Each Manfrotto Filter is multi-coated in order to guarantee a superior level of protection ranging from two to 16 layers of coating. All filters feature a water-repellent layer to reduce the risk of water marks appearing in images. The filters in the Advanced and Professional Collection are scratch and oil-resistant. The Professional collection offers further protection against dust particles as a result of including anti-static coating.  

Manfrotto Quality

Manfrotto Filters are state-of-the-art as a result of in-depth research and meticulous workmanship. Each Manfrotto filter has been intricately developed with the highest level of precision. The elaborate manufacturing process effectively minimizes reflections and maximizes the light transmission, hence delivering remarkable optical quality.  

Unique Filter Case

Each filter is provided with a reusable storage case which ensures the highest level of protection to the filters when they are off-camera enabling photographers to easily store and conveniently transport their filter. These cases have been cleverly constructed to include graduated scales which indicate the size of the filter inside the case, enabling photographers to easily identify the filter they require.

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